Nonprofit Work – One Of The Best Opportunities You’ll Ever Have


As much as it might sound like I’m bashing this kind of work, I really and truly wouldn’t change it for the world. Is it rough? Absolutely. In content alone the whole nonprofit sector probably makes up some of the most challenging and stressful work there is, but it also offers some of the best rewards.

The fact that you’ll be working upwards of four jobs at once means you’re going to be enjoying four times the work experience of your peers with mainstream occupations. With one of the greatest challenges facing millennials in today’s job market being “lack of experience”, as tough as it can get, you will emerge in a year or two miles ahead of where most other people will be in twice that time. Dealing with a scant resume will never be an issue again, I assure you.

The ever-changing nature of most nonprofit work, as well as the chronic understaffing, will also mean that you’re going to be constantly presented with chances to learn on the job. Grant writing, teaching, data-entry, customer service, presentations, community outreach, event planning, public relations, statistics–wherever you’re looking to expand or whatever you’re looking to develop, all you have to do is ask to learn it and your co-workers will be more than happy to oblige and have someone to share the burden with.

And last, but certainly not least, nonprofit work offers almost unparalleled opportunities for networking.

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